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COVID-19 Update

*Latest Update from the club 30/03/20*

Many of you will be aware of the announcement made last night by the Prime Minister in relation to the tightening of restrictions to assist in curbing the spread of the coronavirus. We are attempting to keep the golf course open for as long as we are able, however there are some changes that will need to be implemented to ensure that our obligations are met and for us to be as financially responsible as possible.  These decisions have not been taken lightly however we feel that these will assist to keep you playing longer whilst remaining safe.  Many other courses have chosen to close but with your support we will continue to provide access to golf for as long as possible. Effective immediately we are implementing the following:

  • Only 2 people will be able to play together.  To meet this requirement all tee sheets currently open will be deleted at 6am tomorrow morning.  Bookings will need to be re-entered in the new format
  • All players will need to walk unless they have their own golf cart and have already purchased a trail pass
  • The driving range will be closed

We are currently assessing the results over the last week from our takeaway food service. Thank you to those that supported the club and purchased meals. We have received a lot of positive feedback and will look to continue to provide this service. There will be a few changes but these will be communicated as they occur. You can find our new takeaway menu here.

Kind regards
Will Keiler
General Manager


Previous Updates

Further to our update on Monday and following the Prime Minister’s announcement last night, there are a few additional requirements we are putting in place to assist in containing the spread of the coronavirus.  There is a considerable amount of confusion about the requirements that have been announced and how they should be implemented.  Our aim continues to be to keep the golf course open for as long as possible but at the same time to ensure that all efforts are put in place to provide the safest environment for our members and guests.  As always, we will follow any official directions given to us.  New changes implemented are as follows:

  • The country club swimming pool has been closed, however we are keeping the tennis courts open for those that would like to use them.
  • All competitions will be suspended moving forward and the course will be available for social play only
  • Carts will only be available for a single person.  Most days we will be able to accommodate this, however on busier days we ask that everyone who is able to walk does so.  Where we are unable to provide a cart per person on those days, for all that request a cart, we will move to walking only.  This will ensure that we are not in the position of turning someone away who needs to use a cart

As more information becomes available we will provide further updates.

Please keep in mind that the club is providing a takeaway option for food and beverage. Whilst this is supported we will continue to provide the option. This will be available for lunch seven days and dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Kind regards
Will Keiler
General Manager



Following on from the measures announced yesterday by the Prime Minister in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus, I thought that I would provide an update for you on how this impacts your Club.  Obviously the biggest change impacts food and beverage.  As of midday today our restaurant and bar have ceased operations, however we have moved to a takeaway menu.  This will be available everyday for lunch and Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.  With your support we will be able to continue to provide this service.  Drinks can still be purchased through the golf shop to take onto the golf course along with coffee, cakes and sandwiches.

We are also making some changes to the way golf will be managed in the short term to ensure the safety of the players and our team members

  • Keep bunkers as preferred lies
  • We request that all transactions are paid using EFTPOS
  • All flags will be removed and cups will be raised.  Once the ball comes in contact with the cup it is deemed to be holed
  • All play is to be a 1 tee start to reduce the number of people that are in and around the facility at any one time
  • Competitions to remain however we are encouraging everyone to download the Pacific Harbour app on their phones and to utilise the scorecard feature.  This will enable scorecards to be emailed to the golf shop.
  • There will be no NTP’s however extra ball rundowns will be included
  • All events moving forward will be single stableford
  • Wine skins to remain however it will be a 1 tee start with no presentation following the event.  Winners will be notified and they can collect their wine at a later stage.  The field minimum of 60 will remain in place for the event to proceed
  • There will be no bag drop service on Wednesday or Saturdays
  • Carts will still be available however we will be encouraging people to walk

Please note that to implement these changes all bookings for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be deleted from the tee sheet tomorrow morning.  Can you please rebook your times once this has been done.

Swipe access to the gym has been disabled however you will still be able to access the pool and tennis courts through the BBQ area.  We will endeavour to send out exercises that can be done at home for those that are still interested in staying fit and healthy.

As you know, different requirements are being implemented daily and we will continue to follow advice provided to us.  Our aim is to continue to provide access to the golf course for as long as possible.  We ask for your patience during this time as some of these measures may mean some delays.  We also ask that you continue to support the club, not only by playing golf but also the takeaway food and drink service.  With that support we should be able to come through this in a much better position

Kind regards
Will Keiler
General Manager



In recent days the coronavirus media coverage and response from governments globally has grown exponentially. The number of reported cases in Australia remains low as does the risk of exposure and hopefully this continues to be the outcome. However we do need to be mindful that conditions are changing rapidly and we must do what we can to minimise risks without panicking. For this reason, I am sending a quick note to let you know what the club is doing in response to the current conditions.

Please note the club remains open and we will continue to monitor the current conditions and respond accordingly, taking into account the best interests of our members, guests and team. There are a number of processes that we have implemented across the business

Golf remains one of the lower risk activities that people can participate in, given the open spaces and reduced contact with others

  • All carts will be disinfected following each use
  • Range tokens will be stored in a sanitized solution
  • Surfaces within the golf shop will be sanitized regularly
  • Range baskets, rental clubs and other shared resources will be sanitized after use
  • Competitions will run as normal however we will continue to monitor the situation and will implement changes as needed.  In the event of a change we will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible.
  • Tables will no longer be set. Cutlery and water glasses will be provided once diners are seated
  • Menus will be sanitized after each order is placed.  In the event that this does not prove to be effective we will move to disposable menus
  • All surfaces will be sanitized regularly and particularly after use.
  • Scheduled events will run as normal however, we will continue to monitor the situation and will implement changes as needed.  In the event of a change we will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible.
It remains safe to continue utilising the gym facilities.  The sauna will remain closed until the works around the new spa are completed.
  • We ask that users of the gym take responsibility for wiping down equipment with the alcohol wipes provided as they use the equipment.  All equipment will be sanitized regularly.
  • At this stage there is no information to suggest that the use of public pools is unsafe.  The pool and planned aqua classes to the end of March will continue to run as normal.  In the event that we receive updated information we will make the necessary changes
We ask the following of our members and guests
  • As of midnight on Sunday 15 March anyone returning from overseas is required by law to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return. During this period, you should not visit the club for any reason.
  • If, in the 14 days prior to Sunday 15 March anyone has returned from overseas, we recommend that you do not visit the club for any reason – including use of the golf course, only – until the 14 day period has lapsed.
  • We ask that any member or guest who does contract the coronavirus, having visited the club in the preceding 14 days, please notify us immediately so that we can take the appropriate precautions
  • Member cards will not be accepted. Staff will ask you for your member number and or name to locate your account manually
  • Where possible you will be asked to pay using EFTPOS
  • All members and guests are asked to follow suggested personal hygiene standards

We ask that you are patient during this time as some of these processes may increase the amount of time to complete your transaction.  These processes are being implemented for your benefit, for the benefit of those around you and the benefit of our team members who continue to serve you.

Kind regards
Will Keiler
General Manager