Course Tour



Hole 1

Par 5: Braveheart

Aim the drive slightly right of the trap on the left.

If you’re laying up the fairway gets very tight at the 100m mark so the ideal spot is 120m from the green.



Hole 2

Par 4: Mahogany

The smart play is iron from the tee leaving a short iron to the green.

Leaving the ball below the hole is a must.



Hole 3

Par 5: Celebration

Aim at the left edge of the right fairway trap. Lay up shot should be left centre of the fairway avoiding pot bunkers on the right.


Hole 4

Par 3: Emus Rest

Favour the right hand side here.

Check the pin position as you may have a long putt if the pin is at the back.


Hole 5

Par 5: Trouble Cone

Aim the tee shot left of the bunkers.

With the approach shot avoid the bunkers on the left.

Best place to miss this green is short right.


Hole 6

Par 4: Camel Train

Aim the tee shot towards the pot bunkers in the distance.

The challenge to this hole is to leave the approach shot on the same level as the pin.


Hole 7

Par 3: Sawgrass

Into the prevailing s/e wind this hole plays 2-3 clubs longer.

Surrounded by water the only place to miss the green is short and left.


Hole 8

Par 4: The Chute

Aim the tee shot at the right edge of the first bunker to avoid the water and give yourself the best angle to another split level green.


Hole 9

Par 4: In the Red

Favour the left side of the fairway to avoid he fairway traps to give you a good look at the green.

An accurate approach shot is needed.


Hole 10

Par 4: Show Pony

Avoid the pot bunker on the right at all cost, for the longer players you can take it down the right of that bunker and leave yourself a short approach.

The green actually slants front to back making the approach shot very difficult. Forget where the pin is and aim for the middle of the green.


Hole 11

Par 5: Double Delight

Aim left of the fairway traps off the tee.

Either lay up short of the cross bunkers or take them for an easier pitch and put birdie.


Hole 12

Par 4: Bullseye

A fairway metal or long iron aimed at the right bunkers leaves a short iron or wedge to a small green that has trouble over the back.


Hole 13

Par 3: Kakadu

Similar to the 12th the green measures 19m in depth but plays closer to 10m.

If the pin is on the left use the slope in the middle of the green to feed your ball down to the hole.

The bail out area is anywhere right of the green.


Hole 14

Par 5: Glasshouse

Must split the fairways traps off the tee.

Either lap up short of the creek or go for the green but it’s a risk and reward shot.


Hole 15

Par 4: Deception

Depending on the wind a fairway metal or driver may be required from the tee but you must avoid the fairway bunkers.

A split-level green awaits -2 putts is a good result.


Hole 16

Par 4: Cottonwood

Play for position short of the fairways bunkers.

Approach should be left centre of the green.

Take note of flag colour as the approach can play 2-3 clubs different depending on the pin position.


Hole 17

Par 3: The Beach

Depending on the wind direction and location of the flag you may need every bit of club in your bag and more.

Par feels like a birdie.


Hole 18

Par 4: Crown and Glory

Favour left both off the tee and into the green to avoid the water.

Correct club choice is important for the approach into the green to ensure a safe par to finish.