Golf Lessons

Junior Golf Clinic –
Get your young ones into an energetic, social sport at your local golf club where they can learn life skills such as practicing personal responsibility, managing their emotions, preparing for business, appreciating diversity, learning etiquette, developing healthy habits, but most of all having fun outdoors.
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Private Lessons
60 mins  $110
30 mins $60,
1 day 8 hrs $750 incl 9 holes
Members 10% discount, 5 lesson investment 10% off paid up front,
Each additional person $20, each lesson has take-home video email summary.

On Course Playing Lessons
9 holes $230
18 Holes $395
Each additional person (max 3) $70 for 9 holes and $100 for 18 holes, members 10% discount

Push Golf Half-Day Workshops
$197 per half day workshop
Members 10% discount Click Here for upcoming workshops details

Corporate Golf Workshops
2 hr Push Golf workshop $495
1 day Push Golf workshop $1495

Have you tried Push Golf?
Chris Teaches a very simple method of how to push the golf club into the ball creating better ball compression, more consistency and lower scores and enjoyment

What is PushGolf?
PushGolf is a simple way to play golf that enables you to Enjoy the Hit and improve your consistency of ball contact. You are pushing the golf club into the ball. You will be hitting more greens and holing more putts as a result.

How can I learn PushGolf?
It starts with your ability to hit the center of the club and that’s what we work on first. You can learn this through either Private Lessons or Workshops

What if I am already an experienced golfer with an established golf swing?
All great players are pushing the golf club into the golf ball whether they know it or not. When you know how to push properly the alignments of the golf swing will increase your consistency and power. So if you have a problem in creating inconsistency in any part of your game Chris can fix it for you.

PGA Pro Chris Beckett providing lessons for you
Whether you’re looking to start off with good habits in your golf game, fix the problems you already have or build a golf game that lasts a lifetime that’s enjoyable Chris is the man to call on.
As a PGA Golf Professional with over 20 years coaching experience in Australia and Switzerland, Beckett has won 12 PGA Golf tournaments and has the coaching abilities to know what a golf player needs through the use of high-speed cameras, asking what the golfer would like to achieve and having a defined plan. Beckett has provided successful golf programs for golfers in countries such as USA, Switzerland and Australia. He is the co-founder of the Key to Golf online learning program with Peter Croker and believes anybody can play great golf when they truly understand what to do and how to train. Beckett specializes in holing your putts, control over your short shots and bunkers and improving consistency in the long shots.

Teaching Days Saturdays 6 am – 5 pm, Thursdays 6 am – 5 pm and Monday afternoons after 1 pm

For golf lesson enquiries call the Golf Shop on 3410 4011.

“Golf is a Journey, take it one step at a time” – Chris Beckett


My golf game has finally turned the corner .after my first lesson there were big changes in my game 80% straighter and longer. Which is so much more enjoyable. My score has been coming down every round, played 9 holes at Bribie last week and was 3 over for 9! Just wish I had time to keep playing, not bad for a 15 handicapper!
Looking forward to my next lesson.
– Many thanks, Stephen Cassar March 2017

“I have greater control of the ball particularly pushing down into the ball with short shots”
– Linda Harrison March 2017 View full testimony here.

Grip made a huge difference to the approach iron shots into the green”
– Bill Taylor February 2017